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I’m Onaytonie


 A Virginia born, Seattle based, mixed- media contemporary artist and photographer. For so long, I felt like my story wasn’t fascinating enough to tell and my art wasn’t captivating enough to share. Making art changed my relationship with my story. My story is my interest, my travels, the things I’m most passionate about, my emotions, the color of my skin, my culture, and my experiences.


I create pieces using various media, deeply influenced by quotes, poetry, black culture, and the small details of everyday life. Art compels me to look beyond the obvious, to immerse in mental silence, and to discover a deeper mindfulness of creativity.  Having the ability to take something buried deep within the confusion found within myself and artistically expose it is indeed a gift. The art of transforming a bare canvas into a masterpiece and conveying my emotions in a visual form is indescribable.

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