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Onaytonie and company is FINALLY here. I have been dreaming of launching this company for 5 years, and now it’s here. I have been painting and creating for over 20 years now but this collections feels different. As a self-taught artist, it’s always scary sharing your work with the world but I feel like these pieces deserved to be seen. So I had to take a leap of faith, face my fears, and go for it.

This collection was inspired but different quotes, song lyrics, poems, and moments from my everyday life. When I hear things, I feel something. And they only way to describe those feeling is with a paintbrush. My mind works differently. The ideas all flood in at once and in and instance, I can see all the textures and colors in the finished piece. Then it’s just me and the canvas for the next 15/20 hours. For me, painting is like meditation in motion. It’s the only time I can pause, slow my mind down, and be present.

My mission is to make you feel again. To reclaim a gamut of emotions from a digital age, through each piece of art. When you look at each piece, I want it to strike a feeling within you. Make you think. Make you imagine. Make you question reality. Make you love and appreciate art, again.

I want to thank everyone who’s ever purchase a piece of my art, shared my art or even took a moment to admire it over the last 20 years. I am deeply appreciative and forever grateful.



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