The Mori art museum has been on my Japan Bucket list for a while now, but I was waiting for the right exhibits to visit. Then it happened. Argentinian contemporary artist of global repute, Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing exhibit was here to experience. We Were Blown Away! Listen, my husband visits art museums because his wife’s an artist and because he’s awesome. Not because he enjoys them lol. But he actually enjoyed this exhibit! Photography was allowed throughout the entire exhibit, however it was impossible to “capture” the art. Erlich’s works employ optical illusions and sound effects to shake up our notions of common sense. What we saw at first glance seemed familiar, but on closer inspection it proved to be a surprising, unsettling deviation from the usual. This amazing and brilliant exhibit made my visit definitely worth the wait.

Happy Valentines Day to all my lovers out there... xo


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