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Odaiba is one of the most popular shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo. Built on reclaimed land dating back to the Edo Period, this impressive shopping complex consists of several shopping malls, theme parks and museums. One area, PALETTE TOWN, offers colorful attractions including Mega Web, a large-scale multimedia car amusement/exhibition center; and Venus Fort, a European-style theme amusement/shopping town for ladies that includes 50 outlet shops. Enjoy a ride on the Yurikamome Line Tokyo's first fully automated transit system. This train controlled entirely by computers will transport you to Aqua City, an entertainment center featuring many amusement and indoor rides. Also, Decks Tokyo Beach featuring a showcase of the latest Japanese arcade games called Tokyo Joypolis as well as many other stores, assortment restaurants. Diver City Tokyo Plaza is the latest shopping mall which home of Gundam (Robot character of animation) has H&M and more!Odaiba is also home to Daikanransha,.big Ferris Wheel. The slowly revolving Ferris wheel offers breathtaking views of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Television Station and the surrounding Tokyo skyline.


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