First off, this class was such a big deal and meant so much to me. I have been living in Japan for 2 ½ years now and only a few people know that I’m an artist. Being an artist living in Japan has been a real challenge. The Americans on base don’t really engage in friendly conversations and there’s a language barrier with my Japanese neighbors so I haven’t advertised my talents as much as I would like. However, I have this one really good friend named Jess who knew about my secret talents. Over the course of 3 months, she kind of talked me into hosting this paint party lol. I can’t thank her enough. She believed in my talents and personality and motivated me to take this leap. Thanks Jess, Love you forever!


I have never attended a Paint & Wine class, so I had no clue where to start. All I knew was that I could give good directions, and everyone loves wine! The biggest challenge for me was designing the canvas for the class. I had to paint something beautiful, yet simple. I’m very big on tiny details massive color, but I couldn’t apply that to this class. So I decided on abstract birch trees with fall foliage for our first piece. I typically paint with little things that I find around the house, so I wanted my class to experience that as well. So we used sponges, Popsicle sticks, and paintbrushes. I did a “walk through” with my husband who has no artistic skills at all, and his painting turned out BOMB, so I was super confident for my paint party!


On my big day, 2 hours before class was set to start, my class SOLD OUT! I was ecstatic, but nervous because these were all new faces to me. Out of my 8 students, I only knew 2 people. That scared me. But before class started, we all talked, ate cookies, drank a little wine, then got started; WE HAD SUCH A BOMB TIME! It honestly didn’t feel like I was teaching. We were laughing dancing, sipping, and creating MAGIC! We even took a break and did the electric slide! My class was small and intimate. I knew everyone by name, and had time to help each person individually. I had the perfect class. They made me feel so calm and relaxed. All of the paintings turned out amazing, and I was so relieved. My husband got my business approved on base, helped set up the party, promoted the class, took pictures, and was even the D.J for the night. I definitely couldn’t have accomplished this without his help. I love you forever. Special thanks to Charlene (Momma!), Jess, Matt, April, Iyana, Jasmine, Ira, and Hannah for making my first Picasso and Vino Paint Party one that I will always remember. Cheers to creating more MAGIC!
















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