I received a commissioned apparel order from one of my favorite women on earth, my baby, my cousin Amelia. Recently her mom, my aunt in law, Delores gained her angel wings. So this particular order scared me to death. First, I was nervous because I had never painted a portrait on clothing. Secondly, with her passing being so recent I was scared that I wouldn’t meet her expectations. So I planned and painted for about 8 hours on this one piece. I was determined to have the artwork match the portrait that she requested as close as artistically possible. I repeatedly traced her facial features on a copy of the photo to get a muscle memory of the curves and details of her face. I took precious time on her eyes because that’s what I personally remember about her the most. Honestly, I shocked myself. Personally as a perfectionist I find it unnerving to challenge myself sometimes. I admit I prefer to stay in my comfort zone artistically. Knowing how much this piece meant to her, I couldn’t say no. I’m so thrilled that I accepted this challenge because I’ve discovered a new skill that I didn’t know I possessed. I am so very humbled and grateful that she trusted me with such a sentimental piece that I know means the world to her. I’ve always admired and adored their mother daughter relationship. So I’m just overjoyed that I can give her a piece of art that allows her to keep her mom close. I love you both.


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