During my short visit home to Virginia, I made time to reconnect with my friend Erika! We both played on the varsity basketball team at Thompson Middle School. She was one of the star players and I was just on the team LOL. We have stayed in contact over the years through social media but it felt awesome to see each other in person. We share so many different interests, especially art (her husband is a BEAST artist) and music. I have recently started my little vinyl collection and she has a ridiculous massive collection! She is hands- down the biggest music enthusiasts that I know personally. Her catalog ranges from Ella Fitzgerald to Jay-Z. Whenever I have a question concerning anything vinyl, she’s my go to person. She took me digging at the super dope spot in Richmond called DEEP GROOVE. I immediately fell in love with this spot because the eclectic décor was so me. All the little things like the concert tickets, the little figurines, the window lights, the monkey poster, made this little shop PERFECT. I’m all about energy and I got nothing but positive vibes in here, you feel me? The shops owner Chris made my husband and I feel very welcomed. I was happy to share my cool experiences and hilarious stories of life in Japan with them both. My invite still stands for them both. My home is your home, come visit me guys! Lets dig in Tokyo together! After digging and conversing for a couple of hours, I left with 5 vinyls. The prize possession out of the 5 was my MICHAEL JACKSON Bad album. I’m a die hard Michael Jackson fan so this was “a moment” for me. This was definitely a highlight on my trip home. I’m very appreciative that she took time out of her day to spend some time with little ol’ me. Seriously guys, if you’re in Richmond and love vinyls, check this spot out! You wont be disappointed. My only regret is not buying a Deep Groove t-shirt so I can represent while I’m digging in Tokyo!


317 N Robinson St, Richmond, Virginia 23220


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