After 4 long years, I decided to take a trip home to Virginia to see family and friends. Throughout those 2 short weeks I was pulled every which-way between family and friends. Although I had a ball, I was extremely exhausted. On my flight back to Japan I chose a 16-hour layover for a chance to see my one of my best friends, my sister, my little critter Maxi. We hadn’t seen each other since 2010 when we both graduated form Virginia State University. This reunion was LONG over due. Throughout the years, she has remained a constant in my life. That is very rare being that I’m apart of a military family and I am no longer on the east coast, let alone in America. However she hasn’t let the distance affect our friendship at all. Since graduating college we have formed an unbreakable bond that I will never take for granted and that I’m extremely blessed to have. I booked my flight and within 2 weeks I was at the airport anxiously waiting for her to scoop me up. We linked like no time had passed because we talk every single week and pray for each other daily. For my short visit, she not only took the day off work, she went above and beyond planning the perfect day. We visited Central Park, Grand Central Station, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Empire State Building, M&M store, New York Public Library, Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, The View Restaurant, countless stores, and the largest Disney store in America. I have visited New York before, but NOT LIKE THIS! I was a tourist. I was free, smiling, having girl time with my sister, having real girl talks, talking photos, laughing, and immersing myself into the heart of New York. It was easily one of the best days of my life. The numerous memories that were created on that day will never be forgotten. I appreciate her planning such an amazing day for me last minute, just to make sure I had a great time. Even though her presence was enough for me, this day will forever warm my heart. I am forever grateful for her loyalty, love, kindness, and heart. We will forever be LCFL – Little Critters for Life! I love you to the moon and back.


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