Believe it or not, this was my very first IKEA experience. While in America, I had never visited one. The website scared me away because it was so many items and exhausting to browse through. So while in the process of renovating my arts and craft room, we decided to go to IKEA for inspiration. WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? I am now a die- hard IKEA lover. I’ve always secretly dreamed of being an interior designer when I grow up so this place was HEAVEN. It was confusing at the beginning, but we quickly caught on. 5 hours later, I left with so many creative design ideas. I didn’t plan on spending any money, however I left with a tab over 30000 YEN. I’m excited to share with you guys my finished fully IKEA furnished arts and crafts room soon. Side note: I’ve dragged my husband on 2 more IKEA trips since my first visit and we plan to visit again VERY soon!


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