-- Momofuku Ando founded Nissin food Products Co. and invented instant noodles.

-- Chicken ramen was introduced in 1958.

-- The cup noodle was debuted in 1971.

-- In 2005 a vacuum- packed portion of instant noodles was created for the Japanese astronaut aboard the discovery space shuttle.

-- Growing up, the first meal I was allowed to cook was “Oodles of Noodles”. In college, I literally survived on ramen. Very cheap, very accessible, variety of flavors, easy to cook, they easily became my favorites. Although unhealthy, they are my guilty pleasure lol. Being able to witness the process from start to finish was amazing. We had such a blast the 1st time; I decided to take my family here as well on there trip to Japan. I now have 4 custom cup noodle cups and I refuse to eat any of them lol!


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