-- Daibutsu in Japanese means Great Buddha and most westerns (Americans) refer to Daibutsu as the Great Buddha of Kamakura.

-- It is made of bronze and it is located in the Kotokuin temple, one of the most famous Buddhist temples of the Pure Land Sect in Japan.

-- The Buddha of Kamakura is of 13.5 meters (43.8 ft.) tall, weighing about 93.1 tons.

-- The Great Buddha is seated in lotus position with hands forming a gesture of meditation called “DHYANI MUDRA”.

-- The Great Buddha is literally breath taking. Once I walked around the corner and it revealed itself from behind the trees, I was in complete awe. The pictures does it NO JUSTICE. It is huge! Even though there was hundreds of tourist around, it was still a peaceful environment. A trip to this attraction is definitely a must for everyone’s bucket list.


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