--Nico’s Pier 38 was featured on (my guilty pleasure) Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

--A long time ago, a few western explorers came to this place and saw that it is sparkles like diamond. The sparkles came from the calcite crystal inside the crater. Because of this, they call it Diamond Head.

--The original Hawaiian name is Leahi. In the Hawaiian language, Leahi means the tuna fish’s brow.

--When hiking the trail, you will pass by three lookout points. To reach the first lookout point, you need to climb 74 steps. If you want to reach the second lookout point, you can climb 99 steps. There are a total of 54 steps that lead to the final lookout point. After you climb the 54 steps, you will reach the summit of the Diamond Head crater.

--My husband surprised me with this event. However, he didn’t give me a dress code. So I was forced to climb this entire mountain with open toe gladiator sandals on! The stairs were steep and brutal. However, the view at the top was breath taking and unforgettable. We were presented with a certificate with our names and the date stamped to remember this achievement. Side note, a pedicure was definitely needed after this “surprise” lol.


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