Kimonos range from extremely formal to casual. The level of formality of women's kimono is determined mostly by the pattern of the fabric, and color. A complete woman's kimono outfit, with kimono, undergarments, obi, ties, socks, sandals, and accessories, can exceed $20,000. Traditionally, kimonos are sewn by hand; even machine-made kimonos require substantial hand stitching. Kimono fabrics are frequently hand-made and decorated.


This was such a beautiful experience to say the least. I didn’t expect the kimono to feel as delicate and light with so many layers. My favorite part of the whole outfit was the bow. I was amazed at how she constructed the bow free-hand in a matter of minutes. I didn’t want to take the kimono off. I felt so feminine and beautiful! From the day I landed in Japan, I promised I would immerse myself in their culture to get the full experience, and this KIMONO experience really helped me to fulfill that. 















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